1st Border Festival in Agathonisi Island

The non-profit organization “Borderland Action” is working to bring out and present beautiful the frontier Agathonisi as an attractive destination of alternative tourism.
The Department of Culture of the “Borderland Action” organized from 19 to 22 July in Agathonisi Island at Dodekanisos Islands Greece, the first “Festival of frontiers.”

Concerts, theatrical and dance performances at 1st Border Festival in Agathonisi Island and other cultural events attempted a celebration of Greek frontier, highlighting the border Island  Agathonisi as an attractive destination for alternative tourism, as well as the different aspects of life in the Greek border and border areas, focusing on the joy of being Akritas, (leaving close to borders) and highlighting the rich and interesting culture, which is often the result of the cultural exchange.

Furthermore, the pursuit of “Border Action” is the “Festival of Borders’ into cultural institution in which each year we hosted a European border region and an artistic group of emigrant Hellenism. With the invaluable support of the City Agathonisi and unwavering support of the residents and the people who love the island and want a positive view of the festival will offer akritai participants the opportunity to showcase their artistic creations and the audience a unique tourist and artistic experience.

source: http://www.rodosalarm.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14981:1o-festival-synorwn-sto-agathonisi&catid=43:politismos&Itemid=55


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