2012 Blue Flags: Greece awarded second in the world

http://www.blueflag.org/vers2011/gfx/blueflaglogo.png 2012 Blue Flags: Greece awarded second in the world with 394 Blue Flags for Beaches and 9 for Marinas.

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Greek beaches and Marinas have been awarded by Foundation for Environmental
Education (FEE) with 394 Blue Flags for excellent water quality, succeeding the
second position worldwide among 48 countries.

Greece awarded with 394 Blue Flags for the beaches, seven more flags than 2011 and 9 Blue Flags for Marinas.

Blue Flags annual award, should meet the 32 strict criteria that are based,
besides the water quality, on the environmental management, services & safety, and on environmental education & information.

The Blue Flag Program is owned by FEE, Foundation for Environmental Education a
non-government, nonprofit organization based in Denmark. For the 2012, International Committee awarded 3,179 beaches and 659 marinas.


…..enjoy the beauty of the BLUE



Top ranged Greek beaches are: Lasithi on Crete had the most Blue Flags, with 40,
followed by Halkidiki and Corfu, that were awarded with 35 each, Rhodes 32,
Chania 25, Rethymno 18, Heraklion 14, Kefalonia 11, folowed with a great number
of awarded beaches around Greece.   

Blue Flag awarded Marinas are: Chalkidiki 2, Attica 2, Korintia 1, Lefkada 1, Corfu 1, Lasithi 1, Kos 1.

sources:  http://www.blueflag.org/ 






3 Responses to 2012 Blue Flags: Greece awarded second in the world

  1. Matilde Busana says:

    Congratulations Greece! Which country is #1?

    • Avgi says:

      Hi Matilde, Thank you for your comment. Greece is a ancient country in South East Europe – Mediterranean sea, with the greater philosophers, rich history, full of natural beauties, famous Islands and beaches.Keep enjoy site’s posts.

  2. This is wonderful news for Greece. Apart from the beauty of the land locals and tourists can enjoy, they now are well aware of the safety of Greece’s coasts and beaches.Let’s spread the word.!

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