2012 Greenest School on Earth


2012 Greenest School on Earth

2012 Greenest School on Earth is the Green School in Bali, Indonesia that is giving its students a natural, holistic and student-centered education in one of the most amazing environments on the planet.

Green School is an amazing project, pioneering sustainability within education. It is pushing boundaries in schooling at a time when the world must review whether more of the same is acceptable.
Its curriculum combines the academic rigour expected of schools and institutions of higher learning with hands-on experiential learning within a Green Studies curriculum and a Creative Arts curriculum.  This means that gs_football_hos_homeby holding onto the essential core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science, Green School students will have doors open to them for whichever kinds of further learning and careers that they choose.

International in its teaching and learning, and in its clientele, our students come from different corners of the world to join a core Balinese community of scholars – representing up to 20% of our enrolment.  They bring with them their learning to date to share with their friends and to contribute to a global awareness and perspective of social issues from their countries of origin.

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Center for Green Schools awarded Green School the “2012 Greenest School on Earth“. This was an affirmation of the program   to enrich and nurture it’s students/
2012 Greenest School on Earth, is an amazing school paradim to be followed.

source: http://www.greenschool.org

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