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Welcome to the Eco Global Society website!FINAL_ECO_LOGO: 9-2012

The Eco Global Society is a brand new international Eco website that containsinformation, hosts and promotes global endeavors aiming to pursuing progressand development towards an international environmental sensitive culturein every human thinking and activity. 

Changes in basic values, practices and actions in order to protect and restore the integrity of the environment are endorsed today by many Governments, Organizations, Institutions, Enterprises and individuals from a diversity of backgrounds. They all share the same concern and- at the same time- the common belief that we all need to work for solutions in order to rehabilitate the environment by reversing the damages incurred by our so many hostile activities.

 The Eco Global Society’s website is an ambitious project with the unique goalto offer vital and up-to-date information and news on any activity in the globethat promotes ecological awareness, ecological values and practices, towards a meaningful and sustainable environment-sensitive way of living. 

We welcome in our website!

All eco- oriented activities, practices, initiatives, articles, news, that can through their efforts and actions contribute to the support of a common ecological platform and work for solutions that protect and save the environment. 

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