Andros Island


Andros Island

Andros Island, Greece Green & white, the northernmost island and the second largest in the Cyclades group of islands. The closest islands are Syros,Tinos, Mykonos, Paros and Naxos.
Green fields, sandy beaches (over 300) Slopes filled with fig trees, olive trees and cypresses, lunar landscapes and many natural beauties are some of the pictures composing the beauty of Andros.
Andros Island, an island waiting to be explored and offering unique moments of pleasure to the visitor with its breathtaking beaches that make you think you are the first who discovered them, the sun, the crystal clear waters make it an ideal place for peaceful vocations. Andros is a prosperous island, depicting the beauty of life, and offering a high standard of hospitality.

In Batsi, at Andros Island, the restaurants, taverna’s, bars, cafeterias, tourist offices, car, boat and motor bike hire, water sports, jewelry, clothes shops & so on, all combine to make a lively atmosphere.
There are many choices of places to stay, none very far from the other, and good local bus and taxi services make it easy to get around. Andros Island a video of  “Andros a small paradise on earth”

Andros Island, it’s easily accessible from Athens by two ports of Rafina and Pireaus.


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