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Aristi in Epirus, Greece is a unique destinationis built at an altitude of 650 m and its position is privileged due to its close proximity to the Zagorochoria villages and thanks to the stunning views of the spectacular cliffs of Astraka.  Aristi in Epirus, one of the biggest villages in the western part of Zagori, has won an important place in eco lover’s preferences.

About an hour from Ioannina, the historical capital town of Epirus, Aristi is a unique destination.

 The fact that visitors who want to approach the relatively isolated village of Papigo, have to go through Aristi, gave the place its rising power. The village stands at a walking distance of the Vikos Gorge and the river Voidomatis, the area is ideal for a walk in the plane of Voidomatis, to ascent Drakolimn, or simply to relax and enjoy the tranquility and quality of life in one of the most picturesque settlements of Greece.

The old stone mansions, the old faucet, churches and monasteries prove the wealth and prosperity of the region in the past. Today’s increase of the tourism in the area is therefore no coincidence, and fortunately all visitors respect and preserve the character and the natural beauty of the area. Aristi in Epirus is an amazing place that nature lovers will enjoy the nature and culture of the village as well to have the chance to visit the amazing places and the area of Zagorochoria.

Aristi in Epirus is very easy to be approached, by car from Ioannina. Visitors have the choice to arrive in Ioannina by Air or Car from Athens or Thessaloniki.


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