Art in the Sand

Art in the Sand

Art in the Sand is not a child’s summer game. Art in the Sand is a lovely way that artist like to express them selves. But see what you can find more on this.Every artist likes their canvas at a particular size; they have a comfort level with small, medium, large and even building-sized canvases for street artists. But what happens when the artist takes their art to the world, literally!

Landscape artist Andreas Amador uses a canvas that exceeds football fields in terms of size. He uses beaches, or rather than sand on the beach as his medium. His extremely large drawings and pictures feature patterns that you might easily find in a much smaller zen garden. His patterns and shapes are both geometric and organic, sometimes using the topical landscape to help him sculpt his art. While his landscape art is impressive and beautiful it is also fleeting. Rarely does his work last more than a few hours and wind and tide erase his artwork and leave him a bland canvas for his next seaside artwork.

A choice of his top 10 best sand paintings but you can see more on his website.
Sand Painting of Marriage Proposal, Sand Artwork Fantasy, Flowers in the Sand Art, Snow Flakes and Flowers Landscape Art, Celtic Pattern in the Sand by the Sea, Rocks Connected by Tangents in the Sand
Wavvy Waves by the Sea, Taffy Web Sand Painting Art, Stained Glass vs Chutes and Ladders Landscape Art
Sand Art Flower Patterns by Andreas Amador


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