Best Aviation for Carbon Reduction Award 2014

Best Aviation for Carbon Reduction Award 2014, for Thomson Airways. The Airline awarded with the Gold Award of Best Aviation for Carbon Reduction Award 2014, for its best practices and achievements in this field.

According to organizers, what the Judges want: Airlines or other aviation organizations with interesting and innovative policies and practices for reducing carbon; a proven track record of achievement; a commitment to the future, and a model for leadership in the industry.
Thomson Airways is the UK’s third largest airline with 57 planes to its name. It also flies under the flag of one of the largest travel companies in the world, TUI Travel Plc Group, which launched a Sustainable Holidays Plan in 2012. This was a three year vision covering all areas of the business, just one of which was flying. The Plan gave Thomson permission for take-off on a journey to become Europe’s most fuel efficient airline.

Thomson Airways awarded with the Gold Best Aviation for Carbon Reduction Award 2014 , for its improved carbon efficiency by 7.4% in the last three years, not only though investing in new aircraft, such as the 20% more efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliner, but by fitting fuel saving winglets to their aircraft, which reduce fuel burn by up to 5%. Working in close partnership with Boeing on its ecoDemonstrator programme, Thomson plays a central role in future sustainable aviation innovation. Carbon efficiency has also been achieved by improving on-board operations, such as using lighter catering trolleys, and optimising the amount of fresh water and other goods on board. Operational efficiencies such as single engine taxiing when landing and increased direct routing have been put in place. Aircraft maintenance also has carbon efficiency in mind, with the use of lighter paint as well as a surface sealant that reduces drag on the aircraft by stopping dirt adhering to it. What is surprising, however, is that there are few other runners in this field of carbon reduction by airlines. There were no ‘silvers’ awarded in this category, with Thomson proving a straight out winner.


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