Bird Race in Thessaloniki

Bird Race in Thessaloniki

Bird Race Bird Race in Thessaloniki, organized by the Greek Ornithological Society of Thessaloniki at North Greece, during the Global Volunteer Day, Sunday, December 7, 2014.

The event will provide an opportunity for participants, in a climate of teamwork, cooperation and rivalry, to get to know the rich avifauna of the designated area. The new observers will enrich their knowledge close to the experienced group leaders and the race will promote the observation as a means of protection and entertainment.

The Bird Race in Thessaloniki will take place within the limits of the area of Thessaloniki, starting from Dendropotamos River estuary, up to the estuary of the stream of Pilea. The winning team will be recognized the one that will to be able to record most bird species. Special award will be given to the group will see the rarest kind of bird!

The exploration and logging will be done with the proper equipment (binoculars, telescopes, cameras), without cars. The purpose of Bird Race in Thessaloniki, is to promote birding (birdwatching) as an alternative way of entertainment and get familiar with nature and birds of Thessaloniki.

At the same time, participants will have the opportunity to practice on birdwatching using the Identification Guide “Birds of Thessaloniki” recently adopted by the Greek Ornithological Society in collaboration with the Thessaloniki-European Youth Capital 2014.

For more information contact the office of HOS in Thessaloniki, tel. / Fax 2310 244245, e-mail:


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