Bright sparks devise for electric cars

Bright sparks devise for electric cars
Bright sparks devise for electric cars, is came to be the solution for point charging. According to Euronews article on 02 Dec 2014, the bright idea is that this charging alternative option for electric cars , will be available at lamp posts. For the time being it already tested in the city of Berlin on about 100 lamp posts.
The counter tots up the amount of power used and the customer is directly billed for his or her electricity consumption.
“The major problem we face is that electric cars don’t always stay in the same place, they travel around and need charging wherever they are,” says Ubitricity founder Frank Pawlitschek.
“So wherever they are parked, there needs to be a plug. But it does not make much sense to install the expensive technology all over the place. With our system, all you only need to do is bring along your own piece of charging equipment and charge up wherever you want, because the electricity contract comes with the cable itself.”

According to the same article of euronews, the lamp post cost is from 300 up to500 euros, which comparing with production and installation cost of a conventional charging station at a 10,000 euros, will be a very reasonable and promising solution, hopping in the future to use this technology to the car parks at undergrounds, workplaces and home car parks, besides the lamp posts. It seems that Bright sparks devise for point charging for electric cars , it is a very promising , sustainable hi tech idea, will be soon around us and probably in our door step.


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