Bulungula Ecotourism


Bulungula Ecotourism
Bulungula Ecotourism in South Africa,is an eco-lodge on a beautiful place at the coast of South Africa
Want to escape the traditional tourism trail?
Bulungula Ecotourism offers a unique opportunity for anyone planning a holiday to experience a different side of a country to the one usually seen, i.e. to embrace local communities, culture and unspoilt nature.
Interaction with local communities can reveal an insight into different rituals and customs, sampling traditional dances, home-grown food, locally prepared drink and unique celebrations, often unseen by tourists.
Cultural preservation has an important historical role for most countries. Museums, castles, palaces, landmarks and other cultural experiences help preserve a nation’s culture.

Bulungula Ecotourism in the eco-lodge offer Ecotourism holidays that involve travellers opting for a true ‘green’ experience, incorporating many of these activities into an unforgettable adventure

This sustainable type of tourism has a low impact on nature and carbon footprint is minimal. Eco-tourism works in harmony with the environment, with a strong commitment to the protection of plants, animals, wildlife species, natural resources and scenery.  It allows tourists to venture into unspoilt scenery and closer to nature, on less travelled paths, for a new experience without fear of damaging the view and surroundings
To the tourist, this maybe a horse ride with friends along unspoilt beaches and secluded waters, touring mountains and lakes, watching a sunset from a less travelled vantage point or trekking through well-preserved forest or jungle into local communities.
Bulungula Ecotourism and Ecotourism in general promotes responsible travel and enables local communities to engage with tourists building up and sustaining their economies. Tourists often get the chance to admire local craftwork and take home original souvenirs from rural villages and communities, conserving the countries heritage.

How to get here
Getting to Bulungula is almost as much of an adventure as being there. The Bulungula website has printable maps and very detailed directions. If you are driving, the closest cities (and major airports) are East London, 5 hours’ drive away, Durban, 8.5 hours’ drive away, and Port Elizabeth, which is 9 hours away. The nearest Wild Coast town to Bulungula is Coffee Bay, which is about 2.5 hours away. A good option is to fly to Mthatha, and then catch the lodge’s shuttle which runs on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, or hire a car from there (a 3-hour drive). If you’re looking for a real African option, you can catch a taxi, where, apart from Xhosa villagers (who speak no English) you may travel with, you may have to share your space with chickens and piles of groceries. The trip may or may not involve a ferry and a scenic walk. Speak to the people at Bulungula if in any doubt.


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