Expedition 196 in Athens

Expedition 196 in Athens on 8th and 9th December 2015 More »


expedition 196 is a Global Action to promote "Peace through Tourism" More »

Amphipolis Kasta Tomb

Amphipolis Kasta Tomb and what could possibly visitor will be able to see in the future is now amazingly presented in a 3D video. More »

2014 Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 Ierapetra Crete awarded third in Europe

2014 Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 Ierapetra Crete awarded third in Europe by Green Destinations. Ierapetra nominated third in Europe by Green Destinations, an important distinction for the beautiful Greek Island of More »

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Zagorochoria villages

Pl Zagorochoria 6 

Zagorochoria villages 

Zagorochoria villages or Zagori, is a complex of 46 picturesque traditional villages nest at the heart of Epirus, Wester Greece among the steep and snowy slopes of the Týmfi mountain range. Built amidst pine and fir trees with one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in Europe with a unique traditional architecture, impressive stone mansions and undulating, natural forest surroundings, the Zagorohoria villages are the ideal holiday destination, all year around.  

Christmas in Australia


Christmas in Australia
Christmas in Australia is not as the most people think that Christmas is all about. Christmas in Europe and America means cold weather, snow, a fire place, a warm house, heavy clothing and more, but not is Australia.
Christmas in Australia, means hot weather and Australian choose to have Christmas dinner on back yards or on the beach and some of the use to travel and celebrate Christmas on Bondi Beach.

Kalanda, The Traditional Greek Christmas Carol

Kalanda paidiaKalanda, The Traditional Greek Christmas Carol 

Kalanda, The Traditional Greek Christmas Carol,  a tradition thru centuries. Greek Orthodox Christmas Carols  In Greek Orthodox tradition, carols are sung on Christmas Eve (Dec. 24), New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) and on Eve of Epiphany (Jan. 5). The lyrics for these days are different. Groups of children go from house to house in their neighbourhood singing the carols. The Singing is accompanied by the playing of triangles. Householders hear them through and reward the children with a small amount of money or with seasonal sweets.