Expedition 196 in Athens

Expedition 196 in Athens on 8th and 9th December 2015 More »


expedition 196 is a Global Action to promote "Peace through Tourism" More »

Amphipolis Kasta Tomb

Amphipolis Kasta Tomb and what could possibly visitor will be able to see in the future is now amazingly presented in a 3D video. More »

2014 Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 Ierapetra Crete awarded third in Europe

2014 Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 Ierapetra Crete awarded third in Europe by Green Destinations. Ierapetra nominated third in Europe by Green Destinations, an important distinction for the beautiful Greek Island of More »

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Athens in Snow


Athens in Snow

Athens in snow since earlier today, January 8, with heavy  snow and strong winds.

Schools in some areas are already closed due to heavy snow. The Athens municipality prepared and open in the central of the capital three places to shelter homeless during the bad weather conditions. Also an emergency line 1960 is operating since last night and is available to assist citizens in any emergency need and assistance.

Athens in snow and according to weather forecast the snow will be heavier in the next few hours in Athens and will be much colder in northern part of Greece.

source:http://www.grreporter.info/en/happy_first_snow_athens/8511 , PHOTO by christina December 2007 , http://www.greecelogue.com/february-in-greece.html

Climate change Global Action Delay


Climate change Global Action Delay

Climate change Global Action Delay there is a new study finds that delaying global action on climate change by 20 more years is not only making the effort more expensive, but probably out of reach forever.Since the 1990s, little progress has been made toward the goal to keep global temperatures from warming more than 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), while the Qatar talks in December, fail to address growing greenhouse gas emissions, climate scientists said.

Earth’s twin


Earth’s twin

According to Abel Méndez, a researcher with the Planetary Habitability Laboratory at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo,  the race is on to find Earth’s twin, the elusive Earth-size planet in the habitable, or “Goldilocks,” zone around a star where liquid water can exist—and experts believe we may hit the cosmic jackpot soon.

2012 Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery


2012 Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery

It seems that 2012 Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery is a reality. According to National Geographic article of Andrew Fazekas,  2012: A Banner Year in the Hunt for Exoplanets, the new worlds outside our solar system has been found.

Human impact on Earth

Have you ever thought the human impact on earth? Can you imagine what is the human growth the last 250 years, since Industrial Revolution ?

Have you ever considered the effect of the human way of living to the major geological process, to the environment and climate change?

Probably the answer is yes.

An Anthropocene video describes the Human Impact on earth and through a 250 years spectacular journey shows how our green planet turned to a Planet under Pressure.

Planet Under Pressure Conference, March 26-29 2012 London , focused on solutions to the global sustainability challenge.

source : www.planetunderpressure2012.net

video: www.youtube.com