Chengdu a Green City in China


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Chengdu a Green City in China, is an ambitious project of the first sustainable and car-less city in China. The Chengdu city will cover an area of 1.3 square kilometer in a landscape of valleys and forests with rich water sources and is planned for 80.000 people.

The green city’s plans designed by Andrian Smithy and Gordon Gill. According to their master plan, only the 60 percent will be for the construction, the 15 percent of the area will be for green areas and parks, and the 25 percent for, pedestrians, walk ways and roads.×461.jpg


A significant number of solar systems, water and waste systems will be a part of the green cities’ sustainable management plans and designed to use 48 percent less energy and 58 percent less water than a comparable town its size. The most impressing in Chengdu will be the urban planning, according to which the distance between any point in the city it will take, the maximum a 15 minute walking distance.   
The project of Chengdu a Green City in China, will expected to be ready to welcome the 30,000 families in a very short time, by 2021  
According to Architects, «Great City will demonstrate that high-density living doesn’t have to be polluted and alienated from nature,” says AS+GG partner Gordon Gill, “Everything within the built environment of Great City is considered to enhance the quality of life of its residents. Quite simply, it offers a great place to live, work and raise a family.”




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