Eco Space Tourism


Eco Space Tourism

Eco Space Tourism, is it true?  British billionaire Richard Branson stated in Singapore during a summit, organized by the Carbon War Room, his own charity organization, that rocket-powered space tourism flights by his firm Virgin Galactic would have only a minor impact on climate change, because of the reduction of the carbon emission, which is less than the cost of two weeks of New York’s of electricity supply.

A minutes-long suborbital flight on the SpaceShipTwo (SS2), set to begin by the end of this year, has raised the interest of more than 500 people, who have made reservations and paid deposits on the $200 000 ticket price.

“The Aviation industry could do more to cut its carbon output and shift to cleaner fuels . The new technology can dramatically reduce the carbon output while the SS2’s lightweight carbon-fibre body reduces fuel burn dramatically” added Branson.

“If you have clean fuels, you could hopefully reduce the cost of the fuel, which means you can reduce the price of the ticket,” he said.

Branson’s Virgin Group and Virgin Green Fund announced plans to form a $200-million emerging markets fund with Russia’s Rosnano Capital to invest in innovations and green technologies.
Again my question remains, is Eco Space Tourism a reality?  How much Eco a Space Tourism can be? 

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