The ECOCAMP ERIMANTHOS 2012 program will be implemented in the fir forest in a landscape of exquisite beauty on the edge of mount Erymanthos, where according to the Greek mythology, Hercules fought against the Erymanthio Boar. This is an environmental camp, where priority is given to teenagers through a pleasant and carefree living of an environment-friendly group of people.  Interesting thematic activities, take place,  related to the air, water and earth, enriched with traditional activities, such as kneading and baking bread in an wood-oven, as well as cultivating fruits and plants.

ECOCITY, a unique concept that was transformed into a camping program, will also continue this summer. This is the ECOCAMP ERIMANTHOS 2012 program, the environmental camp for teenagers of 13-16 years old, that will be realized for the 8th year, in the beautiful green Rodea, a selected area of Kalavryta, where all permanent camp premises of the Centre for Environmental Education and Training are.


The young participants, will have opportunities to live in places of natural beauty and will attend a valuable information program, full of experiences and leisure activities on the environment and the lost tradition. The young people will also have the opportunity to walk down  the Vouraikos mountain and to explore the area on foot or on a mountain bike.
The accommodation at ECOCAMP ERIMANTHOS 2012 is permanent and include tiled buildings with a total capacity of 180 people, kitchen, office, medical centre, grounds and  a pool

GREEK MYTHOLOGY :  At mountain Erimanthos, The  HUS ERYMANTHIOS (or Erymanthian Boar) was a gigantic boar which ravished the farmlands of Psophis in western Arkadia. Herakles was sent to capture it as one of his Twelve Labours. After chasing the boar through the deep winter snows of Mount Erymanthos, he netted it and brought it back alive to Eurystheus. The king, terrified at the sight of the deadly boar, leapt into a buried pithos jar for safety.

Image source : ( Heracles & the Erymanthian Boar, Athenian black-figure
amphora C6th B.C., Musée du Louvre, Paris )

The boar may have once been assigned a Constellation like the other beasts of Herakles’ Twelve Labours.

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