Ecotourism park for Ajlun

Ecotourism park for Ajlun

Ecotourism park for Ajlun, is an article from 4/5/2013.

Ajlun, May 4 (Petra)-Secretary general of the ministry of tourism and antiquities Issa Gammoh on Saturday unveiled a plan by the ministry to establish an 120,000 square meter ecological tourist park in Ishtafina, near Ajlun, in cooperation with the ministries of agriculture and environment, and financed through a Kuwaiti grant.

During a visit to inspect the third tourism project in Ajlun, Gammoh stressed the importance of coordination among parties overseeing the project and the local community to assist in overcoming obstacles and in enabling the ministry to implement this project, which will improve the city center in line with plans for increased tourism, as well as boost the environmental nature of Ajlun.

The third planned tourism project in Ajlun includes the rehabilitation and development of the vicinity of Ajlun mosque and the street of churches.


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