Ecotourism Partnership and Investment Forum 2013


Ecotourism Partnership and Investment Forum 2013

Ecotourism Partnership and Investment Forum 2013, will take place 3rd and 4th July 2013 in Kenya The theme of the forum is : Forging Ecotourism partnerships in Kenya’  AIM: ‘’To promote ecotourism standards through encouraging partnerships and showcasing investment opportunities in Kenya’’  

                                                       WHO SHOULD ATTEND?•    Tourism investors•    Tour operators•    Hoteliers•    Community-based tourism organizations•    Government tourism agencies•    Tourism schools and training institutions•    Researchers•    Policy planners•    Suppliers and service providers to the tourism sector•    Mass media agencies

CONFERENCE OBJECTIVES The main objectives for the forum are:•    To promote, develop and integrate ecotourism standards in tourism investments and tourist product development in Kenya •    To scope potential ecotourism based investment opportunities in public, private and community areas throughout Kenya•    To create a forum and network for exchanging ideas and information for promoting Kenya as a global ecotourism destination

CONFERENCE ACTIVITIES•    Presentations, Business meetings and Workshops: The conference will hold different plenary and workshop sessions for tour operators, hoteliers(Ecorated facilities) and CBOs•    Ecotourism Exhibition: Showcasing a wide variety of products from different parts of Kenya, which promote ecotourism at tour operator, community and governmental levels.•    Plenary sessionsDate and VenueThe Forum will be held on 3rd and 4th July 2013, venue to be confirmed soonForum Schedule    The Forum will be held in three sessions as follows:Session 1: “Ecotourism standards and best practices for tourism accommodation facilities in Kenya” The session will focus on how tourism accommodation facilities can support local conservation values linked to local people and their communities preserve environmental integrity beyond expectations of the environmental law, while increasing customer satisfaction. The unique eco-rating scheme and its proposed linkage to NEMA in the near future will feature in this forumSession 2: “Tourism sustainability guidelines for tour Operators in Kenya” How can tour operators in Kenya adopt tourism sustainability principles and best practices meaningfully? Tour operators are the backbone of the tourism sector in Kenya. This session will provide long overdue ideas and demonstrations of how tour operators can embrace tourism sustainability at nil or minimal cost to their business while contributing significantly to the growth and development of sustainable tourism in Kenya. This session will address the issue of tour operators’ certification for ecotourism standards. Session 3: “Tourism investment opportunities in private and community areas in Kenya”There are about 120 private and community conserved areas (also known as conservancies) in Kenya. The country has the largest number of such areas in the world. The tourism potential in conservancies is very high as proved by many successful partnerships between land owners and tourism investors in Kenya. However, these partnerships cover less than 10% of the total potential and these areas; including villages and settlements of indigenous people countrywide, offer attractive investment opportunities for tourism. The session will focus on the key business entry barriers and prevalent tourism enterprise operating environments in these areas.

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