Ecotourism Southeast Asia


Ecotourism Southeast Asia  
Ecotourism Southeast Asia it seems that is growing really fast as environmental protection becoming more dynamic. Rescue Centers, the  protections of wild life is a great value for Ecotourism Southeast Asia.  In the forest where the famous Kuang Si waterfalls are located, there are areas in the forest earmarked for the ‘Tiger Rescue Centre’ and ‘Bear Rescue Centre.’ An Indo-China female cub tiger named Phet that was rescued when she was a few weeks old, is being looked after by the NGO in a separate enclosure so are eight bears rescued from poachers. These NGOs work in close collaboration with the Laos police to protect wild life against illegal operations.
A rescued Asiatic black bear (moon bear) enjoying a cool dip at the Free the Bear Fund Tat Kuang Si Rescue Centre in Laos.


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