Emirates A Greener Tomorrow


Emirates A Greener Tomorrow
Emirates A Greener Tomorrow is a new environmental program. Emirates want to take environmental innovation even further, by supporting existing not-for-profit organizations with an environmental or conservation project with clear environmental benefits. This is the first time Emirates has run such an initiative, and the successful proposal/proposals will receive a one-time award of up to USD 150,000.
The money has been raised through our internal recycling programs. Recycling is a growing part of the culture at Emirates, with our recycling programs running for 4plus  years in Dubai, processing more than 5 million kg per annum.
Who Can Participate
Emirates’ ‘A Greener Tomorrow’ initiative is open to any established not- for-profit environmental or conservation organisation. The organisations applying must have transparent governance and be able to provide supporting evidence of such standards during the application process.
If you are an organisation wishing to submit a proposal, the application form can be downloaded under ‘Application Process – Phase 1’, below.
If you are an individual wanting to nominate an organisation, please send the organisation’s name, email address and contact telephone number to greenertomorrow@emirates.com and they will be contacted accordingly.


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