Energy efficient vehicles by Greek universities


Two energy efficient vehicles built by scientists at the  “Ethnicon Metsovion
Politechnion”, well known as National Technical University of Athens. (N.T.U.A)
and Piraeus TEI, respectively achieve amazing performance on fuel economy.

The energy efficient vehicles are electric vehicles and will participate in Shell Eco-Marathon that will take place on May 17-19 in Rotterdam, Holland.

The Shell Eco-Marathon is an annual eco-efficiency vehicles Competition organized
by the multinational oil company Shell. The aim of the participants is the creation
of special vehicles that will work to achieve maximum efficiency in fuel use
and thereby lower emissions.

The Eco-Marathon is a global competition and will be organized in countries such as
Great Britain, Filandia, France, Holland, Japan and the USA. The competition involved teams
of universities and schools.

The energy efficient vehicle of N.T.U.A called “Prometheus”, is an electric vehicle, weighs 25 pounds and is able to travel
 3.500 kilometers to a liter of fuel but with speeds not exceeding 50 km / h.
The N.T.U.A research team attended four times already in energy efficiency rallies.
The electric vehicle carries a permanent magnet motor and is powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The energy efficient vehicle of TEI Piraeus called “Dominator” is also an electric vehicle
and is the first time that attending an eco-efficient vehicles competition.
The electric vehicle is fully adjustable in the front brake to keep the fighting capacity,
while the engine is multiturn compact, small size and lightweight.
The aim of students from both Greek universities is to promote electric vehicles in urban transport and in private vehicles sector.

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