Epirus – The Unspoiled beauty

Epirus – The Unspoiled beauty

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Epirus located at the NW part of Greece. The strong relief of the region of Epirus, in conjunction with the relatively high rainfall has contributed to creating a unique hydrographic network, including rivers, ecosystems, areas of high ecological value that they need of effective protection and management.

The regions of Epirus, joined the European network NATURA 2000 (National List of Natura 2000) representing 28% of the total area of the region (at least 10 percentage points above the national average is 16.9%). Furthermore, the Continent has a rich historical and cultural tradition which is shown by the large number of historical monuments, museums and traditional settlements in that area. The two neighboring national Parks Vikos-Aoos and Valia Kalda make Epirus – the unspoiled beauty of the NW part of Greece. Both Parks are known of their unique flora and fauna and are of the most important parks of Greece. The national Park of Vikos-Aoos is about 126km2 and Tymphi the prominent mountain ( 2.497m) is giving to the area a unique morphology full of wildflowers , unique flora. Voidomatis River is a unique well-known river for the drinkable ice-cold crystal waters.
The visitors will be able to admire the Zagorochoria villages, the traditional villages with the unique stone architecture around the National Park.

Aoos River, with its valley defines the northern part of National Park Vikos-Aoos.
The National Park of Valia Kalda,( about 70km2) is in the heart of the Pindus  Mountain.
Both National Parks Vikos-Aoos and Valia Kalda make Epirus – The Unspoiled Beauty, are ecologically invaluable and deserve our respect.
Visitors will be able to admire both National Parks, the Zagorochoria villages, the unique architecture of the villages, the unique flora and fauna of the area, respecting their beauty, history, and tradition.   

To be there: National Parks is about an hour drive from the beautiful  town of Ioannina, Choices are to  Fly to Athens and drive Athens Ioannina ( about 6 hours drive) or Fly to Athens and then fly to Ioannina. 

Alternatively Corfu-Kerkyra Island  on the west of Ioannina town or Thessaloniki airport on the east side about 4hours drive.  


source: http://www.investinepirus.gr/en/man-environment-and-natural-resources.html

Vikos-Aoos National Park

Epirus – Greece

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