Map1E-1024x643EXPEDITION 196
It is a Global Action to promote “Peace through Tourism”
For the next three years, through the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (iipt.org) , The International Institute of Peace through tourism  and the Skal International (skal.org) Cassie will visit the 196 nations promoting Peace through Tourism.
The kick-off was given at the International Symposium of IIPT held on 16-19 February 2015 Ekurhuleni, South Africa, opened the world’s travel Cassie as Ambassador of IIPT Peace and promoting “Peace through Tourism” in each by 196 states, cities, towns and villages to visit.

The Cassie began her trip on July 24, 2015 in order to visit the 196 states in less than three years, thus setting a new Guinness world record and becoming the youngest person and the first woman to perform such a trip
In this global journey “Expedition 196”, will travel as “a citizen of the world”, promoting “Peace through Tourism” with the support of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT) and SKAL INTERNATIONAL assisting an IIPT in Action, ensuring to meet with presidents and members of Skal in countries where the Skal has a local presence.

EXPEDITION 196 is a special trip with a special meaning. Cassie in her around the world trip,looks forward especially in meetings with pupils and students, to talks, exchanging views and experiences with the aim of promoting peace through tourism, encouraging them to be “Ambassadors of Peace” in their travel, both abroad and in their own country.

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