Friends of Syggros Forest

Friends of Syggros Forest

Sunday May 19th, was a great day for the Friends of Syggros Forest.  With the chance of ten years from the founding of the Association of Friends of the Syggros Forest, on Sunday May 19th took place in the Villa of Andreas Syggros at Syggros Forest an anniversary celebration.

The celebration was about the ten years of love and respect for the forest and the environment. The ceremony followed by a tour of the Andreas Syggros Building, a beautiful villas and the forest. Friends of  Syggros Forest working hard to keep forest clean and alive, actually is a remarkable volunteer job what they offer.   A great number of volunteer’s offer they love and through the hard work giving the chance to visitors, to enjoy forest every day of the year.

Congratulations to Friends of Syggros Forest, happy anniversary, and a big thank you for they love and volunteer job they offer to the Andreas Syggros Forest. Keep Going!

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