Global Wind Day June 15th 2013


Global Wind Day June 15th 2013

The events for Global Wind Day June 15th  2013 (GWD2013) organized around the world by the Global Wind Energy Council GWEC and the European Wind Energy Association EWEA coordinate the special Global Wind Day in more than 75 countries around the world, through  partner’s network.

 The Global Wind Day is designed to inform and familiarize the public with the idea and technology of wind energy and wind turbines, which offer a viable solution to effectively address the number one problem of the planet, which is the climate change and threats to life, to humans and the environment.

Global Wind Day June 15th 2013 strarded in 2007 as European and in 2009 went Global. Since then a great number of public events are organzed around the world.

Global events include international photography contest, the deadline of which was completed on 12 May

more info on photography contest and deadlines on global wind day org:

Also Global Events  around the world you can found at the website of the GWD2013:  and

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