Greek students won the first Euronet 50/50 European Sustainable Award

the only region in Greece participated in the European Programme «Euronet 50/50-Saving energy in schools.”The awards of the European Competition Sustainable Energy 2013 took place at a ceremony in Brussels with the presence of European Commissioner for Energy Gunther H. Oettinger and other officials from the European Union. Greek students won the first Euronet 50/50 European Sustainable Award and the Region of Crete represented the Head of the Department of Environment and Economy of Directorate of Environment and Planning and Regional Project Coordinator Helen Chatzigianni.

In this program 58 schools from all over Europe participated. From Greece, Crete-Region the 2nd Municipal Archanon, the 40th elementary school of Heraklion, as well as the 3rd and the 10th Gymnasium of Heraklion. The distinction for the District awarded as accomplish to implement  saving energy as well to experience and practice in schools of Crete and hundreds of students involved in organizing activities in the Region.

Greek students won the first Euronet 50/50 European Sustainable Award and as all participating students is a paradigm that should be followed. Gongatulattions!

More about EURONET 50/50
EURONET 50/50 project has been working during three years (2009-2012) to engage schools in a 50/50 NETWORK around Europe with the aim to save energy reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change. With 50/50 everybody wins: the school has an incentive to save energy getting more money for its activities, the facility managers (eg. city councils) have less energy costs and overall there are less CO2 emissions released to the planet.
58 schools have been involved implementing 50/50 methodology and have achieved these results (2011):
•    6900 pupils, teachers, caretakers and 43 city councils working together tackling for climate change
•    40 (70%) schools have achieved energy savings.
•    339 t less of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere!
•    More than 1.100 MWh not used!!2.100 € saved per school!!!
The 50/50 NETWORK is growing everyday with new schools joining (193) and benefiting from the feedback with Euronet 50/50 experienced schools. Many municipalities are already supporting the schools of the networ


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