Green Energy Wind Farms


Green Energy Wind Farms
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Green Energy Wind Farms are killing?  According to RT article  May 15, 2013, each year, Green Energy Wind Farms kill about 83,000 hunting birds that fly into spinning turbines, including hawks, falcons and eagles. The crippled bodies of eagles are often found at the base of the machines after being cut up by the quickly spinning blades.
These birds of prey were once included on the list of threatened and endangered species. Killing or taking the birds or their eggs is a federal offense punishable by a maximum of two years imprisonment and a $250,000 for an individual felony conviction, and $500,000 for a felony conviction of an organization.
Green Energy Wind Farms are killing?   The Obama administration has prosecuted oil companies when birds died in their waste pits and power companies when they were electrocuted, but- despite the mass die-offs, the Obama administration has never once fined or prosecuted a wind energy company.
Across the country, more than 573,000 birds are killed on wind farms each year, 83,000 of which are hunting birds. The number of deaths could be even higher than estimated, since many companies do not disclose the number of birds that become mangled at the blades of their turbines.
Some wildlife enthusiasts have condemned Obama for his hypocrisy in prosecuting oil companies for contributing to bird deaths, while ignoring the faults of the ‘green energy’ industry.
If the US government were to enforce the law regarding the killing of eagles at wind farms, the wind farm industry would slow down, which would contradict the administration’s goal of boosting renewable energy industries, including wind and solar.
It is clear that both eagles and wind turbines cannot co-exist. The effects of climate change that urge for greater investments in wind farms means that the US national bird could once again end up on the threatened species list.
Green Energy Wind Farms and their environmental cost should carefully be considered 

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