Green Life Eco Fest

Green Life Eco Fest
Green Life Eco Fest is a hands-on educational experience in Homesteading and Homesteading

For  those  interested  in learning  more about sustainable living,  they should  attend Northern California’s Green Life Eco Fest taking place June 23-24 at the historic Julia Morgan North Star House in Grass Valley!  The event aims to educate Northern Californians on living a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

This zero-waste event will be powered by solar and biofuels.
This year’s festival highlights include:

  •    hands on demonstrations

  •    farming and gardening

  •    local food, wine and beer

  •    haute trash fashion show

  •    organic, raw and vegan food

  •    family friendly activities

  •    al fresco Latin inspired farm dinner

Happy to receive your comments on your experience!


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