Green Sand Beach


Green Sand Beach
Green Sand Beach is also called Papakolea beach is located at the southern tip,base of the Puu O Mahana west of South Point at Hawaii’s Big Island.
The Green Sand Beach, has a realy green color, actualy an olive green color which came from crystals by the eruptions of an old, ancient volcano. It is a unique place as this green sand beach is one of the just two green beaches in the world. The other green sand beach is located at Galapagos Islands.  
This is an amazing but windy place very pure. It is very difficult to be approached, is about two and half hour drive from the well known resorts up to Kohola Coast. There are not any organized tours so far to visit the place due to this difficulty but visitors would have a great experience and will be rewarded from the natural beauty of this area. Green San Beach is a pure place for nature lovers.


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