Human impact on Earth

Have you ever thought the human impact on earth? Can you imagine what is the human growth the last 250 years, since Industrial Revolution ?

Have you ever considered the effect of the human way of living to the major geological process, to the environment and climate change?

Probably the answer is yes.

An Anthropocene video describes the Human Impact on earth and through a 250 years spectacular journey shows how our green planet turned to a Planet under Pressure.

Planet Under Pressure Conference, March 26-29 2012 London , focused on solutions to the global sustainability challenge.

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  1. Amazing! We as a species have been able and are able to play a determinant role to one single planet’s destiny. And if we take into consideration that we are all connected by six degrees, according to the Network Theory, then we really are very powerful and significant to the future of Earth and the Universe that is our future!!

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