Kalymnos Amazing Climbing opportunities

Kalymnos Amazing climbing opportunities
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About the Island.

Kalymnos Greece, is a beautiful island in south-eastern Aegean Sea, is located north of the well known Kos and Rhodes islands, and actually is the fourth largest Island of Dodecanese prefecture. Kalymnos was well known for its sponge divers due to its residents’ sponge fishery avocation which started back in ancient times until lately. Kalymnos is an island full of natural beauties, offering a great number of travel and activities as well as climbing opportunities. opportunities to be explored.

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Kalymnos Amazing climbing opportunities.  
The rocky part of the island is the ideal place of climbing lovers. The mountains around the island, offers a great number of climbing choices, amazing nature views that overlooking the island .
The last few years Kalymnos became the ideal climbing destination, the paradise of the climbing community from all over the world.     


In 2012 the North Face Kalymnos climbing festival, will take place on Sept 26-30 2012  a unique festival for climbers of all levels that will have the opportunity to be together with world’s best athletes. http://climbkalymnos.com/?p=6369#more-6369

Explore Kalymnos amazing climbing opportunities!

Explore the adventure of climbing in Kalymnos.

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source: http://www.kalymnosinfo.com,    http://climbkalymnos.com/

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  1. This is a great destination for anyone looking for unspoiled natural beauty in combination with a relaxing vacation and discovery of treasured spots worth visiting.
    Furthermore for the more adventurous ones a unique opportunity to explore as well as being active at all times!!

  2. Kalymnos is amazing tourist destination for divers around the world. The dives are made with the traditional art of sponges of Kalymnos. Calling and challenges for those who want sports difficult, with no risk and trouble. Congratulations Mrs Vallera Avgi for Thun great struggle, which helps to raise public awareness.

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