Lavender Tomita Farm


Lavender Tomita Farm

Lavender Tomita Farm, a beautiful lavender field that was the beginning of Farm Tomita, has some of the oldest history in Japan. Lavender Tomita Farm locate at Nakafurano, about an hour south-east of Asahikawa by car and should definitely appear of any visitors itinerary. The blooming seasontomita_006 of Lavender Tomita Farm is starting early July until early August. The famous Lavender filed is a beautiful place that visitors are enjoying to visit again and again.  Lavender Tomita Farm is a peaceful place, the perfect place to walk around to enjoy and admire the beauty of lavender’s purple colors. Purple everywhere.

Lavender Tomita Farm also offers workshops that allow visitors to see first-hand how the harvested lavender is treated, worked, and turned into the countless lavender infused products available as elegant gifts and items for everyday use.

Enjoy a beautiful video of Lavender Tomita Farm.

Lavender Tomita Farm Access
By Car
From Asahikawa airport: 45 min.
From Asahikawa city: about 60 min



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