Magnificent Trees

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Magnificent Trees, some of the most amazing trees around the world that someone should see. Magnificent Trees, are trees with strange or odd shape that curved thru the years. A number of these Magnificent trees are displayed in the following video and are:  
Lone Cypress In Monterey
Basket tree, it was achieved by planting six Sycamore trees in a circular pattern and then affixing them together in a unique diamond pattern.
The two legged tree
Ladder tree
Arborsculpture and bean farmer Axel Erlandson
Giant Sequoias – General Sherman, Volume 1,486m3, Height 83,8m Weight – Over 6000 tons, Age 2200 years is the World’s biggest tree.
Coast Redwood: Hyperion and Drive – Thru Trees. Coat Redwoods is the Tallest trees in the world.
Chandelier Tree, Chapel – Oak of Allouville – Bellefosse
Quaking Aspen: Pando, the Trembling Giant
Montezuma Cypress: The Tule Tree
Banyan Tree: Sri Maha Bodhi Tree
Bristlecome Pine: Methuselah and Prometheus, the Oldest Trees in the World.
4838 years old to 5000 years old.
and finaly Baobab tree.

Also the oldest Olive Tree lives in Crete Island, Greece and is one of seven olive trees in the Mediterranean believed to be at least 2,000 to 3,000 years old. Although its exact age cannot be verified, the Olive Tree of Vouves might be the oldest among them, estimated at over 3,000 years old. It still produces olives, and they are highly prized.
Magnificent trees are around the globe and around us. They deserved our respect, they deserve our protection. Everyone and each one of us should do the best to keep them alive and healthy.    

source: Youtube


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