Makrynitsa, the balcony of Pelion

Makrynitsa, the balcony of Pelion

Makrynitsa, the balcony of Pelion, overlooking the Gulf of Pagasitikos , the city and the pot of Volos. Makrynitsa a picturesque village builds according to local traditional architecture, located in an altitude of 600 meters over Volos, the city of ancient Jason at the beautiful mountain Pelion.    

Makrynitsa, the balcony of Pelion has a long and rich history. Makrynitsa’s contribution to the recent history and the freedom in the region is great. Despite the fact that the entire village was burned, the imposing mansions like the phoenix reborn through the ashes and today stand tall and proud of its glorious past.
Today Makrynitsa is amazing place offering a great number of small hotels with beautiful traditional rooms with an amazing era of the local traditions all over and around the village. Easily accessible from Volos, offer to visitors a number of choices to enjoy.

Local dishes besides the point of interest shouldn’t be missed.
Makrynitsa the balcony of Pelion offer the ability of easy going or adventure holidays as well as the opportunity visitors to discover the mountain of Pelion and its great number of beauties and places all year around.

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