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Masdar the green city of the future, an oasis in the desert, is located 17 kilometers from the city of Abu Dhabi.
The city aims to offer people and businesses the ideal environment for growth, and to operate as global hub for renewable energy. All functions are based on innovative systems, renewable energy sources such as water management, recycling of waste with energy recovery.
Masdar city aims at lowering of energy consumption to maximize efficiency in the use of photovoltaic panels on roofs of the buildings, smart devices and smart energy systems management.×400.jpg


Masdar’s design also includes intelligent water management systems, across the city. In Masdar city is already operating the largest solar park in the Middle East. The smart electric personal vehicles for travel within the city without driver, are already in place.


The use of intelligent systems in combination with renewable energy sources,will become soon Masdar the green city of the future.
Masdar the green city of the future, according to the business plan will be home to around 40,000 residents and aims to be completed on 2025.

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  1. This is the result of some great people’s creativity and unrestrainable desire for bettering the world we live in!!!!!!

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