Mimic Octopus

Mimic Octopus

The mimic octopus was unknown until it was spotted first by fishermen of the coast of Indonesia in the 1990’s.It looked like an octopus, but it could be more fit shape in an instant to appear as seemingly any animal around it. At first no one had any idea what it was. An Mimic OctopusAn Mimic Octopus 4

The first scientist that studies this seemingly shapeless creature was the Biologist Mark Norman and he gave the name of mimic octopus. It is strange how mimic octopus makes it self look like a living moving animal. What is doing is, it pulls, all that arms around behind its body and swims along like a poisonous flat fish. Again this isn’t enough he’d swim along like a poisonous lion fish with these banded arms looking like the banded spines that comes off this very deadly fish.

Until now 15 separate species are known to be in the mimic octopus act. Mark Norman is not always sure exactly what the mimic octopus is doing. There is a question about it, as where this nature’s greatest actor is coming from?  

source: Youtube

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