Mitsubishi driverless Sky Train


Mitsubishi  driverless Sky Train

Mitsubishi driverless Sky Train, Heavy Industries participated in the March 21 to 23 in China Venetian Macao Resort(Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel) held ‘2013 Macao International Environmental Cooperation Forum and Exhibition(Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition (MIECF 2013))’ to introduced the new driverless Sky Train products and technologies.Mitsubishi driverless Sky Train, succeeding Low Energy Consumption by minimizing the usage of sources. Reduce weight by Applying aluminum car body structure, reduce number of cables by applying control transmitter, and reduce number of air pipes by applying pipe seat unit.

Mitsubishi driverless Sky Train, Low Energy Consumption by light weighted car boy – reduce weight of bogie frame and reduce weight for interior materials, as well as High efficiency of energy usage – reduce Mura ( inequity) of the inside temperature by equalizing cool air distribution system and Apply duplicate insulation material and high thermal insulated glass. Mitsubishi driverless Sky Train with efficient use of materials as minimize waste disposal, abolish the usage of toxic material, lifelong cycle.

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