Nantes Green European Capital 2013

  The 95 per cent of the population lives within a 300 meter radius of public transport stop and this explains that today Nantes has the third highest proportion of public transportation users in France. As the 2/3 of greenhouses as emissions are due to buildings and / or mobility, Nantes is working hard on this direction, focusing mainly on mobility building  a public transportation network around the suburbs and the city.Also since October 1st 2012, Nantes city center became a 30km/h speed limited zone, encouraging the use of public transportation and bikes as well as the use of pedestrians. Nantes Green European Capital 2013 is proud to present a 400 kilometers comprehensive bike lanes network. Self service bikes easily can be found in the city. Nantes is the Green Capital of Europe for 2013 and a Covenant of Mayors case study for mobility. Nantes is now between Green European Capitals as  Stockholm, Hamburg and Vitoria-Gasteiz

See a short video for sustainable achievements on mobility that  Nantes Green European Capital 2013 accomplished.


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