Panormitis Monastery Symi

Michael.  An article from Dodekanisos Seaways magazine is referring to the Panormitis Monastery : Devotion peace of mind and rich social contribution and history, Panormitis Monastery Symi, the Monastery of St. Michel is justifiably one of the longest pilgrimages in Dodecanese, along with the Monastery of St. John in Patmos Island. As visitors approaches Panormitis gulf, are compelled by the imposing church belfry, a lighthouse faith and prayer for many pilgrims. Its construction on baroque and renaissance style stared in 1905 and was completed in 1911.

Its bell weighs more than 700kg and is adorned with diverse antefixes, rosettes, masks, meanders and pediments.  Crowds of pilgrims from every corner of earth visit the miraculous icon of Archangel Michael and numerous of prayers send inside bottles travelling the seas and as they say always finding their way towards the Saint.

The beautiful place, the calm and peaceful environment, the blue of the sea embraced Panormitis Monastery Symi Island. Actually is a unique place to visit at least once in a life time.

It is easily accessible by boat and fast ferries of Dodekanisos Seaways from Rhodos Island, or Kos Island or  by ferry from Pireaus port Athens, even this is a long journey, deserves your time.

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