Parga Greece

Parga Greece, a blue diamond town at Ionian Sea. Parga is a beautiful small town in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwestern Greece at Ioania Sea.  Set between the lovely blue Ionian Sea waters and the equally vibrant blue sky is the town of Parga hellas Parga

As a seaside town it is particularly recognized for its striking mixture of gorgeous seascape and stunning landscape.

Parga is a historic mecca with gorgeous setting and an amalgam of lovely roads, cafes, bistros and beaches. Flamboyantly whitewashed houses line the harbor and bay area.

According to the surveys of many archeologists, early settlements in this town can be traced to the ancient Thesprotian tribes. Bordering it is a mountainous countryside abounding lovely rocks and greenery which gives the town its scenic essence.

From Parga ca some one take the advantage and explore Epirus prefecture, visit the historic town Ioannina, the capital town of Epirus, the Ioannina Lake, the gorgeous protected national flora and fauna park of Vickos – Aoos, the unique villages of Zagorochoria and admire the natural beauties, as well as  the rich full of nature beauties and history place.  

Parga Greece, is a gorgeous place that someone can enjoy the nature and culture of the place all year aroud.

Easily accessible from Athens, or Ioannina capital town of Epirus by air, bus, car or organized tours. Is very closed to Ionian Island and Corfu is right next door to Parga through Igoumenitsa port.

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