Parnassos National Park

Parnassos National Park


Parnassos National Park, is one of the most beautiful pine forest in Greece. Is located in the south central part of Greece and is holding in his arms the ancient town of Delphi. Parnassos National Park  established in 1938, it covers a 3,600 hectares and is hosting an amazing ecosystem. It is actually just right after the Mountain Olympus, the second largest Park in Greece.

An important number of Flora and Fauna as a variety of species animals, birds like woodpeckers, linnets, orioles, vultures, birds of prey, golden eagles and many can be found there, as well as plants and mammals such as jackal, fox, squirrel, hare.

Parnassos National Park, is highly respected from visitors but should be a grate effort to be protected of the great number of activities as skiing, haunting and house building that could dramatically disturb the amazing flora and fauna of the park.

Parnassos National Park is easy to be reached and visited from Athens.


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