Polilimnio Canyon


Polilimnio Canyon

Polilimnio Canyon, is a beautiful hidden canyon, at Peloponnisos  Greece. Is located  approximately thirty two kilometers from the city of Kalamata, in the municipality of Voufrada, at Messinia ,South West of Peloponnisos.  Polilimnio Canyon is a magic place with waterfalls and lakes, beautiful wooden bridges. It seems, it’s a hidden paradise , a place that visitors would love to discover.

Once you arrive there you will able to admire the amazing place, nature’s beauties , the silence of place and the peaceful songs of waterfalls. The nature is celebrating its beauty!

During the summer visitors have the ability to swim, especial for those they like the really cool waters. Also the possibility of adventure sports is making Polilimnio Canyon famous to adventure lovers. The beautiful Polilimnio Canyon with amazing waterfalls offering also a three kilometers long  medium difficulty hiking area, accessible for a short visit.

Polilimnio Canyon, is the perfect combination of a short hiking visit , adventure sports and swim offering to nature and adventure lovers unforgettable moments.  

source : http://www.messinia-guide.gr/?lang=en&id=175

Polilimnio Canyon and the area of Kalamata, Peloponnisos on the map

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