Recycling by Ioannina University


Recycling by Ioannina University, Greece

Article: by Prof.Apostolos Katsikis,

Environmental Education Professor,
University of Ioannina, Responsible of the Recycling Program


Editing, by Mrs Katerina Magania 28 June 2012


Recycling by Ioannina University in the wider area of Campus of Ioannina an innovative environmental program information, awareness and action.

During the recent years -and unfortunately in some areas rather belatedly, we are all witnessing and realize the significant changes that have made their presence on Earth and the environment imperatively critical. This deterioration suffered by the planet, i.e. continuous. degradation of both the natural and what is called ‘human-centered’ environment, is basically caused by the intervention of the human factor. No doubt that, phenomena such as:

•    deterioration and destruction of ecosystems
•    reduction in the number or disappearance of species of fauna and flora
•    overturn of the ecological balance
•    burden of the atmosphere, hydrosphere and soil pollution load
•    depletion of natural resources
•    waste management
•    management of energy resources
•    distortion of aesthetic landscape and damage to the cultural heritage of humanity
•    general degradation of the quality of life,

are some of the symptoms of the crisis afflicting our planet, known as the“ecological crisis ”.

What has been apparent over the past decades and will be the key to the future and the number ‘one’ challenge of the 21st century, is the management of environmental aspects, as well as the Elimination of the causes of the ecological crisis.
The last years we all witness an intense mobility for the protection of the environment on the planet and the maintenance of its balance. According to the findings of many polls, for many people the environment is much more important than the continuous development of the economy that lead to the destruction of the environment.

One of the expressions of interest for the protection of the environment is the drastic reduction in the use of raw materials for the manufacture of consumer products, and of course, the correct management and reuse of waste.
The ‘luck’ of the waste material remaining after use, can either be abandoned as garbage that will pollute the environment and consume at the same time precious national resources, or be collected and entered in the production process, i.e. to be recycled.

Waste  still maintain a unique value: they can both produce energy and there is also raw materials that can be recovered from them. Considering the fact that there is hardly any material that cannot be recycled, the revenues earned are not to be neglected.
Recycling is a means that can provide offer escape from many environmental problems.
This is because recycling contributes to:

• avoid exhaustion of raw materials
• reduction of the ecological problems caused by their extraction and use
• decrease of the energy consumption
• reduction of pollution
• reduce the volume of waste

At an international level people believe that we should take action to reduce the volume of waste at its source. Recycling of materials will be an increasingly decisive factor not only for reducing the volume of waste, but also for the acquisition of environmental awareness, through appropriate training and education. The necessity of adopting a different approach as a response to the ever growing environmental problems facing mankind is nowadays a fact that leads to a new environmental ethic. The acquisition/implementation of this new ethic approach becomes an education and training issue.

In the context of the above principles and based on the rationale that the University is an academic and training institution, that has to operate and diffuse the principles of proper management of the environment, while it contributes to raise ecological awareness among members of the University community (especially the student population) for the acquisition of ecological conscience and ethics, supporting the application of the environmental education principles, the University of Ioannina, having thoroughly taken into consideration  all parameters that would facilitate work on a realistic level, took the initiative to implement broad-based model pilot program of recovery – recycling of all generated waste in the Campus. The program is addressed to all the members of the University Community, people that work in the University Campus and to the citizens of the area of Ioannina.

As of October 2008, the first phase of the Recycling by Ioannina Universit program is being implemented. It refers to the collection and transfer to a place dedicated to recycling process of paper, aluminum, plastic, glass, packaging and battery, i.e. waste that come from different workplaces of the University community (offices, laboratories, etc.), in dormitories, the student restaurant, the ‘ Figos ‘ restaurant , the canteens and other areas of the University.


In order to meet the needs of the waste collection, temporary storage and better performance of the relative works,  the University purchased 10 metal buckets that can collect 1700 liters of paper and 10 metal buckets for 1700 liters for plastic, aluminium and glass packaging. These buckets are placed in central locations of the Campus and they are also accessible to the public.  One of the objectives of this innovative program is to bring the
University close to the local society, to disseminate the principles of the waste rational management and the acquisition by the people of a eco-environmental conciousness.

video in Greek Language

Moreover, for the extension and upgrading of the Recycling  institution, special buckets for the collection of the recyclable materials were placed inside the Campus buildings. The buckets are fitted in the corridors of the premises of the University, have a special bags made of material prone to biological decomposition and have vivid colors so they can be easily distinguished. The expansion of recycling by Ioannina Univeristy programe within the Campus premises, facilitates the whole recycling process, while on the other hand, the idea of recycling expands further.
Special buckets have been installed in four points of the Campus for the collection of empty batteries.

Prof. Apostolos Katsikis, Environmental Education Professor,
University of Ioannina , Responsible of the Recycling Program

Editing, by Katerina Magania 28 June 2012

 Ioannina University  Greece, is located  in Epirus at North Western part of Greece, in the Beauriful Historic Town of Ioannina, overviewing Lake Pamvotis  

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