Red Lotus Lake


Red Lotus Lake

Red Lotus Lake, a beautiful Lake in Thailand is located at the north area of district of Kumphawapi. I don’t really know why they call it Red Lotus Lake, as actually the colors of lotuses are dark pink. Probably because from a distance you have the impression the lotuses color looks like more red than dark pink.  It is calledred lotus lake “Talee Bua Daeng”. Red Lotus Lake  is a beautiful place that visitors should see. During the period of about four months, starting from December until the end of March, Red Lotus Lake is almost covered with lotuses. It is amazing that Red color is everywhere, so beautiful to see .
I found a beautiful video that you would love o see.

Enjoy Red Lotus Lake, the beauty of colors, the peaceful place and the sound of birds.

Red Lotus Lake at district of Kumphawapi,Thailand on the Map




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