Samos Island Ecotourism

Samos Island Ecotourism

Samos Island Ecotourism means a variety of places to enjoy the natural beauty of the manyfold landscapes on the water-rich greek east aegean island of Samos. Get closer to Samos Island through a video with visits to the valleys of the brooks Potami and Imvrassos, the Kakoperato region, and a very early morning visit to the harbour of Kokkari.

Enjoy a video of natural beauties and the opportunities that Samos Island Ecotourism offers.

Most of the video material was recorded during springtime on Samos May and June, 2010 and 2011.

Please don’t confuse watching a video about Samos with being yourself on Samos!¬† Just visit Greece and visit the island of Samos for your holiday!

Samos Island Ecotourism is to discover the natural beauties of Samos. Have in mind¬† that there is a variety of places to see and enjoy. Don’t step in the footsteps of others, try the new, find your own ways on Samos and discover your own dreamscapes there!

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