Stockholm Green City Paradigm

 Stockholm Green City Paradigm.

 Stockholm the First European Green Capital of 2010 is actively involved in global environmental challenges.
Stockholm awarded by European Commission for its contribution of creating an environmentally friendly city life and fulfilling the environmental norms as well as for its ongoing ambitious measures for sustainable development. A great number of different programs, seminars,workshops and activities
organized and many professional study visits and international delegates attended.
The City of Stockholm’s ambition is to restrict greenhouse gas emissions per
Stockholmer to 3.0 tones of CO2 equivalents by 2015.


The City of Stockholm is a Green City Paradigm to other European cities, as far as
sustainable development concern in a fast growing city. Stockholm Green City Paradigm for 2010
The green vehicles in Stockholm are more than in any other Swedish municipality,
and the number of green vehicles increased to over 120,000.
The Stockholm city always aims at using energy-efficient solutions in all refurbishment and new construction projects. Stockholm Green City Paradigm is a real paradigm for a Green European Capital.


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