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Aristi in Epirus, Greece

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Aristi in Epirus, Greece is a unique destinationis built at an altitude of 650 m and its position is privileged due to its close proximity to the Zagorochoria villages and thanks to the stunning views of the spectacular cliffs of Astraka.  Aristi in Epirus, one of the biggest villages in the western part of Zagori, has won an important place in eco lover’s preferences.

About an hour from Ioannina, the historical capital town of Epirus, Aristi is a unique destination.

Parga Greece

Parga Greece, a blue diamond town at Ionian Sea. Parga is a beautiful small town in the northwestern part of the regional unit of Preveza in Epirus, northwestern Greece at Ioania Sea.  Set between the lovely blue Ionian Sea waters and the equally vibrant blue sky is the town of Parga Greece.pl hellas Parga

As a seaside town it is particularly recognized for its striking mixture of gorgeous seascape and stunning landscape.

Parga is a historic mecca with gorgeous setting and an amalgam of lovely roads, cafes, bistros and beaches. Flamboyantly whitewashed houses line the harbor and bay area.

Zagorochoria villages

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Zagorochoria villages 

Zagorochoria villages or Zagori, is a complex of 46 picturesque traditional villages nest at the heart of Epirus, Wester Greece among the steep and snowy slopes of the Týmfi mountain range. Built amidst pine and fir trees with one of the most beautiful and diverse ecosystems in Europe with a unique traditional architecture, impressive stone mansions and undulating, natural forest surroundings, the Zagorohoria villages are the ideal holiday destination, all year around.