Thessaloniki on Best of the World 2013 places by National Geographic


Thessaloniki on Best of the World 2013 places by National Geographic

On the list of Top Picks for Travel and the new year’s 20 must – see places is listed Thessaloniki on Best of the World 2013 places by National Geographic, Traveler editors list.
Thessaloniki , the second largest city in Greece, is a beautiful city located on Macedonia prefecture North Greece. A full of life city on Thermaicos sea waterfront – Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki surrounded with beautiful mountains, with ski areas for the winter and close to  amazing Chalkidiki area with golden beaches,  is a perfect destination for all year around.
According to National Geographic article. ( Although the euro crisis has caused ripples of discontentment here, it’s the century-old street markets filled with ripe fruits and barrels of fresh feta that symbolize this city. Tucked between relics of Byzantine and Ottoman antiquity are art galleries, bohemian nightclubs, and culinary hot spots, all part of a grassroots vision turned reality by Thessaloniki’s large (about 50 percent of the population) do-it-yourself youth culture. “We are driven by our optimism and positive energy for a new way of living that embraces our heritage,” says Vicky Papadimitiou, a university graduate who helped Thessaloniki garner official status as the 2014 European Youth Capital.
The best way to get the feel of this mission-driven city is on foot, walking from the ruins of Ano Poli to Aristotelous Square on the waterfront. Then cozy up to a café to nibble grilled calamari washed down with dry Macedonian wine. —Costas Christ

History: Thessaloniki founded in 316 B.C. on a site of old prehistoric settlements dating back to 2300 B.C., by Cassander, king of Macedonia, and was named after his wife, sister of Alexander the Great. Since then, Thessaloniki has become the chief city of Macedonia
In Byzantine times, Thessaloniki became a cultural and artistic center second only to Constantinople in Byzantine Empire. From Thessaloniki the brothers Cyril and Methodius began their mission to civilize and preach Christianity to the peoples of the Balkans  and Great Moravia. In 904 Saracen pirates besieged and captured Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki on Best of the World 2013 places by National Geographic ,Traveler editors list, among twenty places as  Crimea Russia, Marseille France,  Grenada Caribbean Islands, Began Myanmar , Bodø Norway, Valparaíso Chile, Missouri River Breaks Montana, St. Augustine Florida, Memphis Tennessee, Kyoto Japan, Jarash Jordan, Hudson Valley, Uganda, Cape Breton Nova Scotia , Ravenna Italy, Quito Ecuador,Malawi Africa, Great Bear Rainforest  Canada’s fragile coastal wilderness, Raja Ambat Indonesia



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