Unnatural glow over Chelyabinsk


Unnatural glow over Chelyabinsk
On Saturday night 16 June 2013 and about 0200 AM an unnatural glow over Chelyabinsk happened.
Residents of the city Chelyabinsk in the southern Urals, during several hours, observe a strange and unnatural glow in the sky over the city.
This Unnatural glow over Chelyabinsk phenomenon appeared to be more northern lights, but for this area is unusual. Usually the aurora borealis are seen at least 1000 km north.
According to observer the spot was very bright against the black sky. Spot color bright blue, sometimes blue with white stripes

In Chelyabinsk has focused global attention since February, when the sky above the city exploded in a meteorite. The blast caused serious damage to the city, where injured more than 1500 people


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