Visions of a Sustainable World

Dr Paul Raskin in a 10 min video analyze and shares  his views about  the  Vision
of  Sustainable World. This speech is a part of a companion speaker series at Yale
University regarding Vision of Sustainable World.
Dr Paul Raskin presents a perceptual shift in which humanity should realize and
understand that humans aren’t the center of life in the Earth,as Copernicus made
humanity to realize that Earth isn’t the center of the universe, but we are all




Dr Paul Raskin is founding director of Tellus Institute, which has conducted 3,500 projects
throughout the world since 1976. He also founded the Global Scenario Group, an
influential international body, the Great Transition Initiative that carries forward and
communicates the scenario work through an expanding global network, and the
Stockholm Environment Institute’s North American center. His research has centered on
environmental policy, energy systems, freshwater sustainability, and climate change, and
he has designed several widely-used planning models. In the last decade, he has focused
on integrated long-range scenarios at global, regional and national scales. He has
published numerous articles, three books, and served as a lead author for the International
Panel on Climate Change, Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, United Nations
Environment Program’s Global Environmental Outlook, and the U.S. National Academy

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